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Many companies struggle with knowing how to handle various HR issues. Whether you have a full human resource department, just one or two employees, or no HR functionality at all,  partnering with PP&A will help you to elevate your company’s level of human resource management expertise and knowledge. Call us today to discover how our HR solutions can help your company:

  • Retain employees

  • Better manage growth

  • Focus on strategic, revenue-enhancing initiatives instead of nonproductive HR administration

  • Be compliant with complex and ever-changing federal and state employment regulations

Enhanced human resource management practices deliver happier, more productive and more engaged employees. At the same time, they decrease your exposure to potential litigation, liabilities, and fines. Studies have proven that when you implement human resource management best practices, you can increase your company’s business value by up to 17.4% and improve market share.

Our HR solutions include:

  • ​Human Capital Management Services

  • Human Resources Management consultation

  • Support for managers

  • Compliance Consultation and Research

  • Investigations and position papers

  • FMLA and FLSA consultation and administration

  • Termination Assistance

  • Employee handbook review and development

  • Personnel Training & Development

  • Compliance training, including sexual harassment and others

  • Performance Management

  • Leadership Development

We offer you direct access to our HR support center,  where you will have all the resources you need to answer your specific questions and concerns. Along with our certified HR Pros, you will also be able to use our simple, yet powerful tools to help you build the essential forms, policies, and procedures that your business needs.


By outsourcing with PP&A, you will:

Maximize your profitability

Increase employee productivity

Reduce time spent in transactional HR

Minimize employment liability

Lower overall costs

That’s our value proposition to you!

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